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Finally Ready for Change?

I have had a complete passion for helping people for a long time now. Helping people with homework.. not so much.. but helping people see their true potential, and find joy in fitness and the body they live in through nutrition and food..definitely!

I have struggled with finding a way to communicate this with people. Our lives are geared towards social gatherings where food is always the centre, bringing us together around the table. I am so grateful for food, for the connection it can bring us. But, there is also the reality that food can contribute to illness and a whole variety of symptoms such as IBS, arthritis, crohns disease, eczema, depression, seemingly un-curable stomach pains, constipation, diarrhea... and the list goes on and on. Food can cause some people to live with chronic pain, which then medication is often used to mask the symptoms.

There is also the very real aspect that food can cause tremendous healing in the body, unmasking the root cause of the symptoms and truly eliminating the issue. I am not an advocate for special shakes, pills, or injections because I truly believe that the gift God has given us of real wholesome and nutritious foods can do the trick for many ailments.

I became a Metabolic Balance coach because I believe in the power of healing our bodies with food. Metabolic balance uses the quote “let medicine be thy food, and food be thy medicine.” Metabolic Balance uses specific nutrients, minerals and specific types of foods for the healing of your body from the inside out.

Weight loss is often the side effect, and this is seen in the first few days! Although weight loss is often the main choice for the clients, many choose the program to maintain and even gain weight. My current client who has had terrible sleeping patterns over the last year (sleeping only 3-5 hours) said that in only 3 days she began to sleep 8 hours in a row! A client reported that after one day on the program her IBS symptoms and pain were nearly GONE and after a few months she has had only 1-2 episodes, when they were daily hindering her for the past 30 years! Many people have their blood pressure reduced after only a few days, chronic pain eliminated. The stories of how peoples lives have changed go on...and on!

I understand that change is hard, its something that you cannot be forced into doing. You have to find yourself in a place where you are ready 100% to put the effort in to see these sort of changes and results. The great thing about this program is that nothing is off limits forever. Even during the program no food group is excluded. You can learn to balance your hormones, metabolism and insulin levels so that foods will no longer throw your body off its course of balance and you can then enjoy those gatherings around the table without any damage done.

I see this program as a gift, and if you are ready I would love to help you unwrap it...sorry that was a tad cheesy, but really I am so excited for you to experience a true health change!

If you have any questions or concerns about any part of the program or just want to know a little bit more, PLEASE speak up!