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The Beast called Yeast

Does the idea of a fungus living in your body, feeding off the food you eat gross you out a just a little?

Ever heard of Candida?

That is exactly what it is doing. So, when you indulge in a doughnut, you are feeding yourself and making that fungus equally satisfied!

Congratulations, whether or not you are pregnant you can now rightfully say you are eating for two!

Ok, lets back up and clarify that we actually DO NOT want to be feeding this fungus, just in case you got excited about the whole eating for two excuse!

Candida is the most common fungus found in the body. When it is in the mouth we call it thrush, when its down below in the nether regions, it's a yeast infection or jock itch, it can live on your skin, your intestinal system, or throughout your body. Yeast can negatively affect your body in more ways than you would probably like to think about.

Here are just some of the unknown symptoms of candida; -brain fog -tight and sore joints -inflammation -inability to concentrate -chronic sinus infections -reoccurring genital or urinary tract infections -fatigue -digestive issues (constipation, diarrhea) -skin or nail infections -mood disturbances, depression, irritability, anxiety -seasonal allergies -strong cravings for sugar and carbohydrates -autoimmune diseases -difficulty swallowing -hormone imbalances -persistent cough -acne -leaky gut -cracked corners of mouth -weight gain/inability to lose weight

Isn't that an insane list of symptoms from one little fungus? Well this fungus can be little, but often it can become quite the beast causing so much discomfort. Of course many of these symptoms can be due to other deficiencies. Whether or not your symptoms are due to Candida, we always need to dig deeper, step back and take a look at the whole picture but become aware of what can be hindering our weight loss efforts and causing unwanted pain. Candida Albicans, when in balance in a healthy person do not cause any problems. The issue comes into play when they begin to multiply. They are always looking for an opportunity to do so, to build larger communities of yeast wherever they can. I mean, the more the merrier, right?! If the other microbes in your body are unable to fight against them, things become out of balance and we begin to experience the symptoms. Candida itself releases toxins which are taken care of by the liver but when there is an overload the liver needs to put those toxins somewhere (in hopes to get back to processing them eventually) and will release them into...our fat cells, creating weight gain around our middles, thighs and hips. How unfair!

This is also a key reason why we cannot put all of our weight loss "failures" onto our lack of willpower.

With Candida ruling your body and brain, it gets extremely difficult to have the clarity of mind to actually FOLLOW any healthy eating plan you have. You crave foods intensely, and it is hard to think about anything else. Without seeing the results, it's easy to get discouraged and we tend to give up. In those moments that we give up we end up returning to food for comfort, which pleases us only momentarily and pleases the yeast for much longer, allowing it to thrive.

How can we manage and eliminate Candida?

For starters it is important to be consistent with following a few guidelines.

-eat an anti-inflammatory diet

-for some, removing caffeine and high sugar fruits such as prunes and mangoes for a little while.

-Choose Pre-biotic foods; rutabaga, onion, leeks, garlic, oats, legumes, almonds, flax seeds, stewed apples. -build a healthy immune system -pay attention to your gut health -raw apple cider vinegar -eat healthy fats -drink your water -stay away from processed grains, sugars and yeast -avoid antibiotics unless necessary -at times supplementation may need to be added to efficiently eliminate the issue. One of the hardest parts for most of us is the consistency of staying away from sugar, processed foods and white flour even during our treat meals. The yeast crave these foods, and when fed even once a week, they can remain in the system causing big problems. You may need to stay away from these items for several weeks or months (not forever!) before you can add them back in occasionally. This is where you take another step toward your personal health transformation and transition the focus from being a weight loss goal to a long term, life changing goal. Don't let the yeast beast tell you what to eat, stay in control. *Stewed apples, or apple sauce is an amazing food to feed your gut bacteria. How amazing is that? Stew up some apples and you are causing miracles to happen in your gut. When we stew the apples for a while the pectin is released. This feeds the pro-biotics which create a happy tummy and create a strong foundation to fight against the candida. Leave the skin on (use organic apples) and once you see a shine on the skin, you know that its ready.

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with love and whole foods,