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Eating Lessons From a Sloth

Have you ever seen a real live SLOTH?

I have actually had the COMPLETE JOY of holding a sloth in the Amazon. They are every bit as slow as you might think.

But what does a sloth have to do with you?

well let me ask you this ---> Do you think about HOW you are eating or do you usually scarf down food once the hangries hit?

Just consider for a second what happens when you slow down and eat food in a space that allows time for CHEWING your food, giving thought and awareness to how it smells and tastes and how it is either fueling you or making you completely sluggish and sloth like post meal.

Now how about a second scenario, the hangries (if you haven't heard the word hangry.. it's when you become so hungry that you start to feel angry). Usually your kids, spouse or coworkers want to run and hide at this point, it's the "I need food now" situation.

Usually this is an eating frenzy of getting food in as fast as possible, not really taking time for anything besides eating..only to review that process later realizing how much you packed away and how awful it made you feel. This style of eating means taking only a few quick chews before a swallow while shoveling it in as fast as humanly possible.

Been there?...yup, me too!

Maybe you aren't quite to that extreme, but you eat while doing other things, a multi tasking eater, not really noticing anything about your food or how much you've eaten or not eaten.

What do you think your digestion is doing in scenario 1? How about scenario 2?

Notice that in both of these situations WHAT food was eaten wasn't a factor but HOW it was eaten was. So many of us have heard the phrase "weight loss is 80% diet and 20% fitness." I want to challenge that and give you another thing to "CHEW" on... that quite possibly weight loss rather comes down to 80% MENTALITY and 20% NUTRITION.

They say you are what you eat, but to be quite honest I love how Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama says it best " you are what you eat but also what your body CAN DO WITH WHAT YOU EAT" Your body can't process kale when it goes into your digestive system in huge pieces, healthy or not, the food you are eating needs to be broken apart to be used by the body---> So make sure you help it out and chew it well.

Slowing down seems so obvious for some when it comes to good digestion but did you know that it extends into how we think and feel about food?

Understanding HOW you eat is as important or even more important than WHAT you eat.

It can be that stepping stone to unlocking hidden eating triggers that derail your health goals or keep you feeling stuck. Not only will you notice less bloating & better digestion, but you will start to notice you don't "NEED" food as you did before. Your relationship towards food begins to change.

You might be thinking..Kristin.. I've got kids, and a dog.. not to mention a full time job, the cooking, cleaning and a husband to take care of.. there is a reason I shovel it in and eat the first 100 things my face comes into contact with at the end of the day..its called survival."

I GET IT... I promise, I really do. I've been there, I know what it's like to venture into the pantry and come out thinking "what have I done" are not alone.

If you want to learn how to have your health AND continue not only SURVIVING in your life but THRIVING, I would love to chat with you about it. You don't have to choose between slowing down to increase health or accomplishing daily tasks.. you can have them both!

This week my challenge to you is to remember the sloth and SLOW DOWN.

Try for ONE meal a day this week to feel what it is like to chew your food.

This way you can taste your meal with your first helping rather than looking forward to seconds just so you can actually enjoy the flavour.

I dare you!

If you take part in this I would love to hear about it!