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Welcome to the Hunger Games

When working on losing weight we often think about WHAT we are eating, but do you ever stop to think about HOW you are eating?

When we are jumping on to our next weight loss venture we often think about the foods that we "get to" eat, the menu planning and all that but focusing on HOW we eat can become overlooked completely. I want to teach you today how to tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger and introduce you to playing the "Hunger Games" in your every day life!

But first, why am I talking about emotional hunger versus physical hunger and what's the difference?

Emotional hunger means you turn to food either to avoid uncomfortable emotions or to heighten emotions that feel good. It means you eat based on how you feel instead of what your body needs... by the way, we have ALL done this. The frequency of this happening is the difference.

Examples of emotional hunger (FEELINGS):

  • Eating for comfort or out of loneliness or sadness

  • Eating for boredom

  • Eating to try to soothe anxious or depressed feelings

  • Eating to fill a void

Physical hunger means you eat when your body signals to you that you are actually hungry. And it means that you stop eating when you are satisfied and before your are uncomfortably full.

Examples of physical hunger (SENSATIONS):

  • Stomach growls and gets that hollow hungry feeling

  • Body feels weak and energy goes down

  • Blood sugar gets low and you feel shaky

  • You feel light headed or faint

So what will learning to listen to my body do for me?

are you ready for this...

It will FREE you from being a slave to food!

What that means for you is that you'll feel more in control of your eating and less dependent on food to "help" your moods and emotions. I don't know about you but it seems too good to be true. Seems a little too easy, just by listening to your body you can put yourself back in the driver seat of control when it comes to eating and food. This can be life changing for some of us that have spent FAR too long letting food ----> and the scale dictate our worth!

By listening to your physical hunger signals, you can determines how hungry or full you really are. With practice, you'll be able to pinpoint where your body is on the hunger scale at any given moment.

By doing this, you will train yourself to stop eating BEFORE you are too full and to not turn to food when you are not actually hungry but are actually bored, upset, anxious or depressed.

Because everyone knows that's a vicious cycle... so let me show you how to end that cycle and have some fun while doing it! Enter...the Hunger Games!

How do I play the Hunger Games?

Let me first clarify that I'm not talking about undergoing top-secret weapons training to learn to "kill" off your colleagues or friends...just in case you were worried! What I am talking about is playing a simple and helpful game all on your own to help keep honoring your FULLNESS, because honestly that is where most of us (myself included) can get a little tripped up when it comes to listening to our bodies...especially faced with a hot summer day and an ice cream truck!

Here's how you play the Hunger Game:

  • See if you can be the slowest eater at the table-- no one has to know you're playing or that you're trying to win the Hunger Games.

  • Check in with yourself every once in a while throughout your meal and feel (and stop eating) when you are feeling energized by the amount of food eaten rather than moving into feeling sluggish with the amount of food consumed at meal time.

  • Use an end-of-meal ritual, like putting your napkin over your plate or ordering hot tea or simply say, "I am full" to symbolize that your meal is completed and that there will be no more bites taken.

What do I do now?

In my health coaching practice, I help my clients learn to tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Together, we come up with a plan to help you keep identifying the difference so you can lose weight naturally and double your energy.

If you think you might be (or absolutely KNOW you are) eating with emotional hunger and you don't know how to change it (or you're sick and tired of it), then click HERE now to schedule a time to talk with me today.

You can STOP being a slave to food... and for the Hunger Games fans out there...

"May the odds be ever in your favour."