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The Stick To It System

weight loss for women who can’t stick to diets..and who simply want to eat dessert too.

I work with women who want to lose the last 20 pounds but can’t seem to stick their diet long enough to do it.  They feel bloated, tired, constipated and constantly battle with their wicked cravings and urge to eat and overeat. They’ve tried every single diet -- Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, all the detoxes, and it seems like they’re able to do it for a bit but they just can’t stick to it

The Stick To It System uncovers the invisible factors causing you to fail. The Stick To It System addresses the thought patterns and behavior patterns that have been ingrained in your brain since you were a little girl. This system will give you tools and strategies to rewire your thoughts and feelings specific to dieting, weight and food, and also gives you a specific plan to follow that helps to regulate your metabolic hormones..because when those are out of alignment..weight isn't going anywhere fast. All this is so that you can lose weight without the deprivation, stress and obsession that comes with regular dieting. You will be supported and coached through the process so that you will be able to stick with it and lose the weight, learning to reframe your connection to your body, your weight, and have a plan in place that works.

She constantly blames herself every time she eats something "bad" saying things like "I’m a failure", "I’m so bad", "Why can’t I just say no" or "I’ll be good again on Monday". Sometimes it’s like she can’t even control herself, so she rationalizes -- it’s the weekend, eat whatever, making a promise to herself that she’ll be good again on Monday, but then she inevitably breaks that promise because, what she doesn't realize is that, there are invisible factors stopping her from losing weight. 

But there is hope..

I know this might seem hard to believe now but my clients learn to release the importance of the number on the scale. Yes, they lose weight but because of the work we do to rewire the connection in your brain to your weight, so they no longer place their own self worth on that number. Even before my clients hit their goal weight, they’re out buying bathing suits and outfits because they’ve learned how to enjoy the body they’re in while they’re losing. The Stick To It System gives women the ability to enjoy the foods they love, like dessert, without getting caught in the binge eating, or the all or nothing yo-yo dieting cycles. They actually don’t have to go on another diet again because they’ve reframed their relationship to food and they support their metabolic weight loss hormones allowing them to love the skin their in.   Ready to Stick To It?  I'd love to chat!

In the beginning my clients feel incredibly self conscious which has lasted for most of their adult lives. She never really feels like herself in the skin she's in, even though she only has around 20 lbs to lose.  This physical weight carries more than a number for her, it carries an emotional weight that stops her from being able to grab an outfit and get ready for the day without a second thought… it causes her to feel defeated as she stands in front of a pile of clothes she tried on before settling with one that felt “good enough.”